Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turning the Big 4!!

DD#1 turned the big 4 today. She was so excited. What a wonderful day we had. We had a playgroup with friends and cousins in our backyard. We filled the small pool and had the sprinkers running under the tramp. I was running everywhere and completely forgot to take pictures. It was so fun to have cousins and friends come over for cupcakes and celebrate her birthday.
Tonight we had a BBQ with friends and family. We invited my side of the family and had so much food that we invited some friends over. It was fun and yummy. DD#1 wanted a princess cake for her birthday. I had been told that it was cute to buy a toy that they wanted and use it for the decorations. So, I attempted this. I don't know why white cakes never work out for me. Does anyone know the secret?? Anyway, it turned out pretty cute. The black writing icing was at it's end. The writing is a little skewed because of this. She loved it and then had a crown, earrings, a ring, and a necklace to play with later.
She got some great presents. She got a chest full of dress ups. She was in heaven tonight when she opened them and tried them on. She also got a Dora game and some fun magnets. From Grandpa and Grandma O, she got a singing machine that hooks up to the TV and lets them watch themselves sing and dance. So fun. From Aunt S. and her kids, she got a complete bedding set, with pillow and all, of Tinker Bell. She is so excited to go to sleep tonight.
We had a great day, but boy am I exhausted tonight. I'm glad that birthdays only happen once a year. Too bad that we have kids with May, June and July birthdays. Makes for a fun summer!!
Happy Birthday my doll!

ughhh!! I am seriously ready to throw this computer out the window. When I can get pictures off my camera and onto the computer, I will post them. Sorry!


Tonii said...

What a great day!! Thank you so much for letting us spend a (big) part of it with you. I could talk to you all day!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Happy bday to your sweet daughter.
It was a hot one, so it is good you let them play in the water.

anxious to see pix