Monday, July 21, 2008

Blessing Day and some Excitement!!

We blessed DS on Sunday. It was a beautiful blessing and he was so calm. It was actually amazing how calm he was. I had many comments of how different he seemed today. Maybe we have turned a corner and he can be a bit happier with life.
DH did a wonderful job. I was more emotional with his blessing than with my DD's blessings. Unfortunately, because of all the running around, we didn't get a picture of him in his little outfit. It was also very hot and we took him out of the tux so he wasn't roasting hot. I think I might have to stage it and get some photos. I did take him to JCPenney's on Friday and will post those pictures of him in his outfit when we get them.

We had a lot of family, which is always fun. Thank you all for supporting us. We love our family and it is so nice to get together.

At 3:30, I was in my room feeding the baby when DH received a phone call. I then heard my sil say "What's going on?". This immediately piqued my interest and I finished nursing the baby. When I came out and asked I was told the Transformer in our backyard was on fire and smoking. DH told me that he had already called the Fire Department and they were on there way. I laughed and wondered what the neighbors were going to think when they saw the Fire Department in our front yard again.

**For those who don't know, in January of 2006 our oven malfunctioned and we had a pretty good house fire. We were out of our home for about 5 months while some of it was rebuilt.
Well, to make a long story short (because the baby is waking up). We waited 4 hours, without power, for the Power Company and then another 2 hours while they replaced the Transfomer. We got to chat a lot with our neighbors which was nice. The whole block was without power. We joked about having a lot of power over our neighbors :).

The power was turned on around 9:45 pm last night. Thank heavens we had overcast yesterday. It was hot, but not as hot as it could have been.


Scott&Siobhan said...

Nathan looks so cute ii love the the last picture of him smiling. I hope everything went well. We got your announcement yesterday in the mail thank you.

Dallas said...

Looks like the baby blessing went well. I also love that last picture of Nathan. I am glad that things didn't get too serious with another fire. Phew!!

Camille said...

O Nathan is so cute! I am so glad i got to hold him for a bit! What a wonderful day! It was a beautiful blessing!