Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We went to DH's family reunion (I have yet to blog about it) a few weeks ago. They had a silent auction and I donated some scrapbook pages to do for a family member. She hasn't sent me her pictures, so I thought it would be smart to get going on DS's pages before I am buried. Here are a few that I finished in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep. Enjoy!


Jensen Family said...

I love your scrapbook pages! Are they digital? Also, I cannot believe that we did not see each other on the 4th. Too bad! I even thought of you while I was waiting for the parade to start and wondered if your family was down for the day. Hopefully next time we will be able to catch up with each other.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I'm sorry we missed each other as well.
For some reason, every time I read "DH" I do not substitute the word "dear" in the place of the "D".
For some reason, maybe once reading someone else's blog, I substitute the word "dumb" and I get caught up on that word and don't enjoy the post until I can remember to put the correct word.
At first I thought, "how rude" but realized that of course you wouldn't call him that.
Funny how first experiences will always taint (in this case) the rest. ha ha ha
sorry we missed you. Darling scrap book pages, sweet C


Steve and Kristen Weller said...

So cute! That happens to be the same outfit my baby wore on his first trip to church! Hooray for that fabulous family reunion.