Sunday, June 10, 2012

Comings and Goings

Life has been CRAZY!!  Adding a fourth to the mix was more of a shocker to me than I thought.  I had heard if you can handle 3 kids, any others will be a breeze.  They forgot to tell me that when you have older kids that have to be here and there all day long, it will be a little harder.  Before, we could just hunker down and adjust.  This time kids had to be to school and to soccer practice and be picked up and to soccer games.  It was a little harder to adjust.  Not to mention having to wake her up to put her in the car seat and go.
We survived though and are adjusting.  Now if we could just get little miss to be happy with life.  The poor little thing has not been a happy baby.  She has been my hardest, as a matter of fact.  We are trying to figure out what is bothering her with some success.  She is still pretty fussy.  It is a good thing she is so cute or who knows what we would do with all her screaming.

Little Miss is a MONTH old!

Through it all, schools ended.  DD#2 completed Kindergarten and is so excited to be moving on to the 1st grade.  She did so well this year and had great marks at the end of school.

DD#2 loved her teacher Mrs. L. We loved her as well.

DD#2 was finished a few days before DD#1 because of Kindergarten testing.  But soon enough, DD#1 was finishing her 2nd grade year.  Crazy!  I remember 2nd grade so well.  It wasn't that long ago, right?  DD#1 did very well this year in school as well.  She loved her teacher, Ms. S, and she improved so much this year.  Ms. S was perfect for her.

DS finsished preschool as well.  This is how he spent the extra time he had with DD#3.  He is a such a good big brother.

Dad has been the pillow many times.  He also gets little miss to sleep so well.

Little Miss turns 2 months old!

 DH was so excited to take DS to the Fathers and Sons this year.  DS was also so excited to go as well.  The morning of he came up to me and said that dad had told him last night that he only had one sleep until he could go.  He was done with his one sleep and was ready to go.  Unfortunately, he had to wait for Dad to get off from work.  An hour before dad was expected home, his tummy started to hurt.  We gave him his medicine and he was still saying he was going to go.  He fell asleep waiting for dad to get ready.  Well.....they made it about 5 mins before they had to turn around because he was too sick to go.  He was so sad the next morning.  Poor little guy.

Soccer 2012
All three kids decided they wanted to play soccer this year.  So we signed them up and started attending soccer games 9 days after Little Miss was born.  We have one more week.  We only had one week where all three of them had a game at the same time.  Luckily, Grandpa and Grandma O came to the rescue and we tagged teamed to see everyone.  They have all done really well.  We are glad to be able to have our Saturdays back, though.


We've got a lot more fun things planned for this summer.