Friday, November 14, 2008

Six Months Old!!

Can you believe that this handsome little devil has been with us for a 1/2 a year?? Time has gone so quickly. We had another Dr.'s appointment. It was a mess!! Not because of the shots, but because they said I didn't have the appointment that I had set over 2 months ago. They got a new computer system and said that DS wasn't scheduled today. Yes, I felt like I wanted to cause pain to my son and listen to him whine for the next two days for the fun of it!! Mothers dread these days and count down to when you have to take them in. I know that it was today at 3:30. So I saw the PA, who I am not so fond of, because I was already there and had mentally prepared myself for the dreaded shots!!
The nurse came in and said that they were sorry, but they were out of some of the vaccinations and wouldn't have them in until Wednesday. So, I still have to go back. It will be in 4 weeks because he got a flu shot and will need another one then.
He is doing well. He is still our big boy, but has come down percentage wise in the weight department. We still love him to bits, even though the next 2 days will be long.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 17 lbs. 13 ozs. (55%)
Height: 27 1/2 inches (85%)
Head 17 1/2 inches (65%)
We love you little man!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Never Hurts to Ask

Some may not know but I hate to talk on the phone. Okay, I hate to talk to people about bills and things like that. I am a chicken and I hate contention. I make DH make the nasty phone calls to companies that cause us misery by charging us wrong. Anyway, to my title. I found a deal on that was awesome. It was a $30.00 code for a photo book. A 20 page photo book cost was $29.95, so you are getting the book for free. You just had to pay for shipping. I jumped on it and scrapped all the pictures from the photo shoot. I like to make these books because they are great to take to Church for the kids to look at. I also thought it might be a nice gift for DH for Christmas. Shhh...I don't know if he reads this. I spent all weekend working on it and got it done on Monday at 6 pm. The code expired that night and I wanted to get it ordered before that happened. I put it in my cart and tried to apply the code. Nothing!! What??? I tried it again...Nothing!! I was sick inside. I had spent a lot of time on this book and I didn't want to pay $40.00 with a code.
I went back on to pinching your pennies and others were having a hard time as well. I tried everything that they suggested. After an hour I gave up. I was okay with it, but very dissapointed.
The next morning I checked on PYP again and people said that the code began working that night right before midnight. Ugghhh....I could have got back on and had it work.
Well....I heard that this company had good customer service, so I gave it a try. I am not one to even question or send something that might explain things. I usually just blow it off because (remember) I am a chicken when it comes to things like this.
Well, I sent an email and guess what??? They sent me a code to use. Hooray!!! I get to get the book printed.
So lesson learned...It never hurts to ask!! Just do as I and put your DH's name on the email!!

THANK YOU MYCANVAS.COM!! I am very pleased that you are helping me out.

Friday, October 31, 2008

School Photo!!

We got DD#1 Preschool photos back the other day. They turned out pretty cute. I can't believe that she is in Preschool already. I remember being put on bedrest and thought the 11 weeks would never go by. And now look...she is 4 1/2. I had to get paperwork from my secretary yesterday so that I can apply for our open enrollment at my school. She looked at me shocked and said, "You need one? She really is that old?" I couldn't believe it myself. She was a year old when I transferred to my current school. Now I will be registering her for Kindergarten in the spring. For now we need to decide if she will go all day or just half day. Thank heavens we have until the spring to decide.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Photos!!

Okay, so I was sick about leaving DS's outfit home. It bothered me all night. Saturday morning (the next morning) I asked DH if he would mind going back down to Provo and getting more photos done. He was okay with it. Now, to ask my sister in law. She was game!! This time we MADE SURE we had DS's outfit. I am really glad that we did it. I have printed some of them and they are hanging on my wall as you read!! Thanks again Sarah.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Shoot!!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We have so many to choose from!!
**We forgot DS's outfit. DH asked if I wanted to have him change him into it when we were getting ready to go and I told him we would wait. Well, I grabbed the dinner and he grabbed DS and no one grabbed the diaper bag (with his outfit in it). I was sick about it. I am hoping to do another session with my sister in law and get some of him in a more matching outfit. I guess we can be glad that his outfit at least had some brown in it. :)

It won't embed my slideshow. So if you would like to see it you will have to copy the above address and paste it in the address bar. Enjoy!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Sweet Children!!!

It is late, but I wanted to hurry and get some of the pictures of the kids that my sweet sister in law took today. She took 527 photos. I have a lot of great photos to chose from. I will make a slide show of some of my favorites, but until then enjoy these few that I love!!

Don't you think she did a GREAT job?? She is just getting into photography. These pictures look like she is a seasoned photographer. We had so much fun and I have a lot of scrapping to do with all these photos!! Thanks a ton, Sarah!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

In Search of a Google Reader Expert!!

I need some help. I love, love, love Google Reader. When I had read on someones blog about it, I jumped right on it. I couldn't believe how much time it saved me from blog surfing. It is the greatest. Anyway, to my problem. I put in all my subscriptions and went my merry way. The next time I went in, it showed me one of my blogs automatically. This same blog is the blog that will always come up. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not an emergency, but I would like if my blog would come up when I open up Google Reader. So, I thought I would remedy the problem by taking them out of my blog list. It is still there and now it says I am not subscribed, would I like to be. How do I solve this problem? How do I make it my blog that shows up when I open it? Thanks for all who have the solution. I will love you forever.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad and 1 year later....

First off, I want to wish my sweet dad a Happy Birthday in Heaven. It has been 7 years since he passed away. He would have been 59 this year. I can't believe that the time really does fly by. I remember when he was just turning 50 and my parents were happy empty nesters living life to the fullest. I am grateful for the knowledge that we will see him again and that we will be together forever.

A year ago I wished my dad a Happy Birthday as my first post. Wow...a year went by so fast!! What do we have to show? Well... DH has a new job (had 2 new ones this year). DD#1 started preschool. DD#2 goes to Nursery without much of a fight. And we added DS to our family. Things are great and life is good. There are many things that happened this year. Scroll down and check it out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blasted Dr. Appointments!!

I'll admit it..... I hate taking my kids to their well child visits. It doesn't get any easier with each child. I think it only may get worse.
It actually happened a little weird for us. I had his appointment set up for yesterday. It was scheduled for 4:00 pm. My contract time is from 12:30-4:00 pm. In the past, my principal has been really great about letting me leave when the bell rings (3:45) and going to things like Dr.'s appointments. This year we got a new teacher. She has decided that she wants to leave every Friday 1/2 hr. early. My principal told her no way. She then proceeded to tell him that all of us don't stay for contract time. Well...he has pulled a lot of us aside and told us to be very careful about it. She is keeping tabs. adult tattle tale. So that was my dilemma.
I called my peds. office and told them that I had set up my app. back in June and didn't know that the school year would be this way. I asked them if it was okay if I was late. They said it was her last appointment and that we could reschedule. So, I did. I rescheduled for this Friday at 4:00 pm. We get to leave at 3:30 on Fridays.
I picked the kids up and DS was very, very wheezy. With every breath he took, he wheezed. After getting home and letting James and my sister listen to him, we decided to call and see if we could get him in. The after hours was open and guess who was on call that night??? My ped. What?? I thought I would have been her last appointment. Oh well.
So we took him in and before she even listened to him, she said that we could do his month visit. And I quote, "and we can even do vaccinations with a small cold". After listening to DS she told us that he indeed had croup. She prescribed steroids to open up his airway and we did do the well visit and the shots.
He weighs 16.5 lbs and is 25 3/4 inches long. He is in the 75% for his weight and 85% for his height. His head is in the 55%.
Fast forward to today. He is so pale and is miserable. When he is awake, he is whining. His eyes are swollen and he is miserable. I will not do vaccination again when he is sick. He just doesn't do well.
So, after reading this, it seems like I am annoyed with my ped. I am not. I still like her. I am just tired from having a sick baby. I was going to take a picture of his poor little face, but he just doesn't want to be put down and a picture is just not that important. Or is it??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Free Cricut??

I don't normally find myself entering many giveaways, but this one I couldn't pass up. It's a contest going on at SITS (The secrets in the sauce). What a giveaway!! Check it out here. Here's to hoping!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the ride down Summer Memory Lane!

Thanks to my awesome brother in law, Josh, and his sweet wife, Sarah, we are up and running again. Hopefully, what he did has allowed me to deal with my pictures again. If it is working, sit back....there is a ton!!! If not, I guess we will have to see what our next step may be. Now that school is back in session, time on the computer is little for me. Some of you may say, but she only works part time..... That's right, but the other part time job is watching 5 children under the age of 4. Teaching school is actually easier than being home with the kids.
So onto the summer report. I am going to start with May, as that was the beginning of MY summer. It was very nice to have an extra 5 weeks off this year. Are you ready??

Our sweet son was born at the beginning of this month. What a great experience!! Everything went smootly and my recovery was great. Our sweet boy came into the world weighing 8 lbs. 10 ozs and was 22 inches long. He has a head full of black hair and quite the allstar around here.

Memorial Day: We headed to Delta to decorate my dad's headstone. DD#1 had a hard time understanding that Grandpa was in heaven, when her Grandpa Rick (my mom's husband now) was home and alright. It was nice to remember my sweet dad.

We used our rebate this year for Lagoon passes. We went the first time on June 14th. DS was only 5 weeks old. It has been great fun being able to go whenever we wanted. We would go on Monday nights when it wasn't busy. Having the passes allowed us to go for a few hours here and there and not feel guilty for wasting all that money on one ticket. After the second time, we were attending for free. The girls have absolutely loved going all summer. It was (and still is) well worth our money. We are off this Saturday for DH's work party there. We will be doing Frightmares as well. So, we are still enj0ying that purchase. I don't have any pictures of the first few times. I knew I had all summer to take pictures and here we are at the end of the summer and pictures. This is a picture of DD#2 after spending the day at Lagoon-A-Beach all day. She was falling asleep on the cooler.

We celebrated DD#2 second birthday. We had a playgroup that morning with water and a bbq that night. She chose to have a Winnie the Pooh cake. Needless to say, her birthday approached way too quick and I didn't plan her bday cake that great. Luckily, my sister gave her a cute card and I quickly cut it up and placed it on top.

DH and I took a quick weekend getaway and went to St. George for the night. We left on a

Saturday morning and came home Sunday night. Thanks Dad and Mom J for watching the girls. While in St. George, we went to Tuachan and saw Les Miserables. What an amazing and fun thing to do. I will NEVER grow tired of watching this musical. When the opening song began, I got teary eyed. I don't know if it was post partum emotions or emotions that reminded of my time on my mission. I think it was a little of both. We had a great time. DS (who we took with us) didn't want to sit the entire time, so I spent some time at the top holding him. He was so little. I can't believe that I thought he was so big. Thanks Dan and Kim for letting us stay with you. It was tons of fun. ** The picture is on the other camera. Sorry.

We attended DH's family reunion the next weekend. It was in a Monroe. It was great fun. They only hold it every 3 years. It was nice to see family members. The theme was Faith of our Fathers. Friday night, they had a Buckin Bronco and a rodeo for the kids. DH's cousin brought some of their farm animals and let the kids feed them and pet them. It was so much fun. On Saturday, the family gathered together and were placed in Hand Cart companies. DS didn't want anything to do with the Trek. He screamed and screamed while in the stroller. I made the decision that it was not worth it to go. It was a sad choice to make. I realized just what some of the pioneers faced. They didn't get to not go just because their baby was screaming. They had to push on and trek in all kinds of weather. I stayed back and watched all the items of the family. A funny side note. I was sitting in the town's park and enjoying the quiet time. There is a small hamburger joint across the street. I watched cars pull up and leave. I was quite shocked when a four-wheeler pulled up to the drive up window and ordered. That is one SMALL town. It made me miss my hometown. I enjoyed the quiet, slow pace of the place. All the companies came back with beet red faces and were so hot. I was glad that I didn't go with DS. The girls loved it and got to ride in the handcarts. It was so much fun.


July seemed to be a little less hectic than June. We didn't travel as much. It was nice.

We headed to Delta for the 4th. We love, love the 4th in Delta. It was so good to see family and enjoy the parade. We especially love to go to the park afterward and catch up with old friends. DH and DD#1 went to the derby. DD#2, DS and I stayed at Grandma B's and blew bubbles and watched the fireworks from her lawn. (So, it was only me. The other two were sound asleep) DD#1 had a blast and talked about it for days. For pictures watch this slide show.

We spent the 24th of July at home. DH had to work. We did go down to Lehi to have a bbq with my mom. Thanks mom. That night we lit fireworks. The girls had a blast except DD#2 when the neighbors let off the noisy ones. It was fun to be together as a family.

We blessed DS during this month. It was very nice and special. We also had our transformer catch on fire that day. I blogged about it a few blogs back. You can read about it here.

We celebrated DD#1's fourth birthday at the end of the month. We did almost exactly what we did for DD#2's. She wanted a princess cake. I don't know why my white cake sunk, but it did. The decorations were cute and then she got to enjoy them. She was thrilled to receive dress up items. She has got a lot of use out of that present.

We went to St. George for an impromptu family reunion. We had a blast. On Saturday we went out to Sand Hollow and enjoyed riding in the boat and on the 3 man tube. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The next day we had lunch (after church) at my mom's condo that they got. We enjoyed swimming in the pool later, as well. Monday, we went shopping for school clothes for DD#1. I am waiting on these pics from my sister in law.

School began. It was really hard going back to school this year. I think it was because DS was such a hard baby this summer. He really was very, very fussy. It made it very hard to handle. I really worried about the babysitters. I just didn't know if he was going to be okay with them or scream the entire time. I have had to watch screaming babies before and it is not fun. I just wanted him to be okay. he did pretty well over all. He is getting better and better everyday. I think that establishing a routine will help him out a ton.

We had some cousins over to make an invitation for a sister in laws baby shower. We pulled out the dress up and some make up that DD got for her birthday. They had a blast getting all dolled up.

We spent the last weekend of August and the first day of September camping in American Fork Canyon. Labor Day in our family equals our HUGE family reunion. This is my family reunion. We are talking about 350 people attending. The girls had so much fun sleeping in the tent the first night with dad. I went down to my mom's because DS is still too young to sleep out. We had a great time seeing family members that we hadn't seen in a year.
On a sad note, my great uncle passed away a few days before, so we attended his funeral that Saturday.
DH's and my team took 2nd in the volleyball tourney. We had to alternate playing this year because we have so many children. :) Thanks mom for taking the girls to the children's crafts during the tourney. We appreciate all the help you give us with our kids.
That night during dinner, it started pouring rain. It was pouring so HARD!! Luckily our tent was under a huge oak tree, so most of the family congregated under there. Needless to say, DH went down the mountain that night. There were a few die hards, but not many. We are now just putting away things and getting things washed. It took a few days to get it all dried out.
My mom took pictures of the reunion and hasn't emailed me them yet. I will get this updated when I receive them.

On Sunday morning at 2:45 am, my youngest brother called and let us know that his wife had their 3rd child. They now have 2 girls and 1 boy. My mom, my sister, me and my youngest brother all have 2 girls and a boy. My brother just younger than I has 1 girl and 1 boy. We will see if he will follow the family plan. She is a cutey and we are excited to have her join our family. They are stationed in Japan with the Marines, so it may be a little while before we see her in person. They named her Raegan Aoibheanne. She is beautiful.

We have had a GREAT summer. DH, after 7 years of working Saturdays, finally had them off. We took full advantage of this. It has been so much fun. DD#1 starts preschool next week, so this is where I will end. I hope you all had a great summer as well.

DS has began to really show his personality lately. He has the cutest little laugh. He has started sitting up and eating. These are two big milestones. He also has finally started acting a little more calm. We are pretty sure he had colic and his stomach was bothering him. We are grateful he is calming down. We love him to bits.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, I just read the comment wondering what is 9 wonderful years. So for you Lisa, yes, we have been married for 9 years. Can you believe it? It was 10 years ago that we were first roomates. Are we really that old?
I had to go back to work this week, so no pictures yet. I am exhausted!! I will hopefully be back sometime in the near future (not promising anything) to update you all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

9 Wonderful Years!!

It's another be back tomorrow with pictures and an update. We just got home and it is late. Just wanted the date to be posted.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turning the Big 4!!

DD#1 turned the big 4 today. She was so excited. What a wonderful day we had. We had a playgroup with friends and cousins in our backyard. We filled the small pool and had the sprinkers running under the tramp. I was running everywhere and completely forgot to take pictures. It was so fun to have cousins and friends come over for cupcakes and celebrate her birthday.
Tonight we had a BBQ with friends and family. We invited my side of the family and had so much food that we invited some friends over. It was fun and yummy. DD#1 wanted a princess cake for her birthday. I had been told that it was cute to buy a toy that they wanted and use it for the decorations. So, I attempted this. I don't know why white cakes never work out for me. Does anyone know the secret?? Anyway, it turned out pretty cute. The black writing icing was at it's end. The writing is a little skewed because of this. She loved it and then had a crown, earrings, a ring, and a necklace to play with later.
She got some great presents. She got a chest full of dress ups. She was in heaven tonight when she opened them and tried them on. She also got a Dora game and some fun magnets. From Grandpa and Grandma O, she got a singing machine that hooks up to the TV and lets them watch themselves sing and dance. So fun. From Aunt S. and her kids, she got a complete bedding set, with pillow and all, of Tinker Bell. She is so excited to go to sleep tonight.
We had a great day, but boy am I exhausted tonight. I'm glad that birthdays only happen once a year. Too bad that we have kids with May, June and July birthdays. Makes for a fun summer!!
Happy Birthday my doll!

ughhh!! I am seriously ready to throw this computer out the window. When I can get pictures off my camera and onto the computer, I will post them. Sorry!

Blessing Pictures

We got his pictures back. Not too bad, aye?? I was glad that they turned out so well. We were in such a hurry. A good fried of ours had just got home from the hospital from having her baby. I had offered her to bring in dinner. I had one hour. When we got to the studio, DS was so cute and smiley. He was so happy. The people there were helping others and didn't get to us for about 20 mins. Well, as it always goes, DS got the hiccups and wasn't happy anymore. Everytime we tried to place him in the thing that sits them up, he would throw himself out of it. We did get a few good shots. We love him and think he is absolutely adorable.