Friday, October 17, 2008

My Sweet Children!!!

It is late, but I wanted to hurry and get some of the pictures of the kids that my sweet sister in law took today. She took 527 photos. I have a lot of great photos to chose from. I will make a slide show of some of my favorites, but until then enjoy these few that I love!!

Don't you think she did a GREAT job?? She is just getting into photography. These pictures look like she is a seasoned photographer. We had so much fun and I have a lot of scrapping to do with all these photos!! Thanks a ton, Sarah!!


Lisa said...

Crista, your kids are GORGEOUS!!! and you are very blessed to have such an awesome photographer in the family! I have been meaning to email and ask you what program you use to scrapbook with. I am wanting to upgrade and don't quite know which way to go. I hope all is well with you guys!

Jocey said...

Wow! Those are awesome photos. Your kids looked so cute. I especially loved your girls' hair.
Hey, I met your cousin Tim last week. (I hope that's his name. The cousin that's married to Dallas) I was at Wingers visiting with the Talbot's from the Fillmore area. We were making all kinds of connections when Tim said, "Did you know Don Christensen?" I said, "Yes, he's my uncle." He said, "Yea, he's my uncle too!" Pretty amazing. Dallas actually took over my Kindergarten spot when I took a year leave of absence. Small world isn't it?

Kristen Weller said...

Those are adorable pics! So fun. Sarah did a great job!

Alan and Paula said...

Beauties!!! Of course they get it from their parents. We love you!xoxo