Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Never Hurts to Ask

Some may not know but I hate to talk on the phone. Okay, I hate to talk to people about bills and things like that. I am a chicken and I hate contention. I make DH make the nasty phone calls to companies that cause us misery by charging us wrong. Anyway, to my title. I found a deal on that was awesome. It was a $30.00 code for a photo book. A 20 page photo book cost was $29.95, so you are getting the book for free. You just had to pay for shipping. I jumped on it and scrapped all the pictures from the photo shoot. I like to make these books because they are great to take to Church for the kids to look at. I also thought it might be a nice gift for DH for Christmas. Shhh...I don't know if he reads this. I spent all weekend working on it and got it done on Monday at 6 pm. The code expired that night and I wanted to get it ordered before that happened. I put it in my cart and tried to apply the code. Nothing!! What??? I tried it again...Nothing!! I was sick inside. I had spent a lot of time on this book and I didn't want to pay $40.00 with a code.
I went back on to pinching your pennies and others were having a hard time as well. I tried everything that they suggested. After an hour I gave up. I was okay with it, but very dissapointed.
The next morning I checked on PYP again and people said that the code began working that night right before midnight. Ugghhh....I could have got back on and had it work.
Well....I heard that this company had good customer service, so I gave it a try. I am not one to even question or send something that might explain things. I usually just blow it off because (remember) I am a chicken when it comes to things like this.
Well, I sent an email and guess what??? They sent me a code to use. Hooray!!! I get to get the book printed.
So lesson learned...It never hurts to ask!! Just do as I and put your DH's name on the email!!

THANK YOU MYCANVAS.COM!! I am very pleased that you are helping me out.


Camille said...

Good job! i am the same way! i HATE talking on the phone to costumer service people! I'm too nice and i just let people walk all over me! anyways! congrats on the awesome deal! You are so awesome! I can't wait to see the books! ;)

Becky said...

you hate to talk on the phone??? our conversation times would NOT agree with that!!! :)