Friday, June 18, 2010

Mill Hollow

Mill Hollow is a 3 day camp for students in Granite School District. Students are able to go and enjoy nature and learn about the forest environment. It is an excellent oppotunity for those going into the 4th grade to get a taste of the Science curriculum. There are many things they learn.
This year, at the assembly, the director talked about the weather at Mill Hollow. He said that if we have a dry spring, there wouldn't be any snow in early June. Well, we had far from a dry spring this year. It was snowing in the valley a week and a half before my first group went up. What did that mean to me? Stress! The forecast was rain for all three days. This meant that I needed to come up with activities to entertain these children for three days. It was a very stressing time. Usually the time is spent hiking various trails, but not this year. All the trails were closed. There was still snow covering them. The directors went up the week before and there was 3-6 inches of snow on the ground in the camp. Luckily, the sun did wonders and a lot of the camp area was dried.
I took a 3rd/4th group at the beginning of June. I went armed with many, many crafts and game ideas. Fortunately, it only rained on us twice. Once while we were in doing crafts and the other time while we were loading the buses to go home. We got to "hike" up and down the road some. It was good to get out and get moving. The clouds were amazing and were moving at record speed.
Overall it was a sucessful time. The kids had fun and didn't have to hike as much as usual. They loved being with the counselors at night and sang all their new songs the entire time. I am glad that this session is over because it gave me the most stress. I have another session in about a week with a 5th/6th group. Hopefully the trails will be open.
I was able to take my niece Faith (on the right) with me this year. She had a blast and asked if she can come back next year!
This was our last hoorah before the kids went to lunch and we boarded the buses. He really is asleep. He had too much fun or maybe not enough sleep! Good times!

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Vickey said...

I found your blog about Mill Hollow, and thought you ought to know that Granite School District is considering closing it down. They are being very hush-hush about the whole thing, so I am trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. It's a complete shame that a few people in a position of power are trying to close the center.
If you would like to have a say in the decision, now is the time! Please spread the word, and get people writing to the superintendent, and others that are working to shut down this valuable resource!