Friday, June 18, 2010

Gas Rodeo!

Questar Gas has an annual Gas Rodeo each year. DH really wanted to attend, so we loaded up all the kids (6 of them) and headed to the Gas Rodeo. We got there a little late and found that there was only one team left to compete. For what it's worth, I was glad that we only had to sit there for one team! It was kind of boring! Shhh...don't tell DH!

We were able to have a free lunch, which the kids loved! But most importantly, DS got to sit in a tractor! He was in heaven! He is obsessed with tractors and it was great to see his reaction. Overall, it was an outing. We had Faith with us for the week. We also had DH's brother's two girls with us. They were moving this day and we had a sleep over so they could get their stuff moved out.

Phew...well there you have it, the first 2 weeks of summer! I told you it was crazy! We still have another Mill Hollow, the 4th of July, and a few family reunions to attend. I hope the summer will slow down some. I am not ready to start school again!

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