Monday, May 5, 2008

The Last Day!!

Here on my last day of being pregnant with this little guy, is my list of lasts until the next time.

*Last day of work for the school year.
*Last day the girls go to Lisa's until next school year.
*Last day of being pregnant with little DS#1.
*Last day of feeling this little boy inside of me.
*Last day to get the last minute things done.
*Last day to be a family of 4.
*Last day of saying "the girls". It will now be the kids.
*Last day of DD#2 being my baby.
*Last day of being a mother to only girls.
*Last day to get a semi full night of sleep.
*Last night of having the excuse of not being able to pick up the girls, so DH has to wake up with the girls. (well, I may have 6 weeks left of this).
*Last day to be huge and pregnant.
*Last day to have my hands ache because of the carpal tunnel (I hope this goes immediately away)
*Last day to have sugar while I am nursing.
*Last day to have the excuse to eat anything, because I am pregnant.
*Last day for DH to be the only boy in the house.
*Last night to have to sleep on my side with a body pillow.
*Last day to only have 2 carseats in the car.
*Last day to go out to the store with only 2 children.
*Last day to have enough hands for my children.
*Last day for DH and I to each take a child.
*Last day for only having a diaper and some wipes in the diaper bag.
*Last day to not have to mop the floors. (blast)

We go in tomorrow morning at 6 AM for my scheduled C-section at 7:30 AM. We are so excited to meet this little guy.


Jensen Family said...

Good Luck! I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Love you guys!

daherfamily said...

wow! that is pretty exciting! you have a lot of lasts. i bet your excited to be done with school for the year! that was such a great feeling to be done for the year. i can't wait to see pictures. i'll be praying for you!