Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teacher Appreciation!

It was teacher appreciation this week. I went in on Thursday to volunteer in DD#1's class. No one had volunteered, so I decided to go and help out. I didn't have to pick up my class until after I was done with hers. Boy, it takes a special person to teach Kindergarten. They are so cute, but they all want to tell you a story if you bring up any subject. It was fun and we made a fun poster for her teacher.

On Friday when I went down to pick her up, her teacher said that she had convinced her that she was going to stay in Kindergarten. When I got her back to my classroom, I asked why she wanted to stay and her response was, "Because Mrs. Lambourne has done such a great job this year, and I love her!" I couldn't have said it better! Mrs. Lambourne has been fabulous. DD#1 has come leaps and bounds and I couldn't be more pleased. We will be very sad to not have her next year.

We gave the teachers this gift. I had seen it in a book and made them for Secretary's Day this year. After making it for them, I knew this is what I wanted to give the Teacher's for a gift. It was perfect. We got them a gift certificate to go to Cold Stone's along with it.
The story of getting this gift to her teacher is interesting. I had to work that Friday. So we left our home fairly early and drove the two younger ones to Herriman. I held onto the box containing this gift the entire 30 mins. there and the entire 30 mins. back to school. I made sure to hold onto it at turns and when I would slow down. I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at my school with it still intact. As we were walking into the school, I got into my purse to get out my school keys. Doing so, bumped the box and over it went. There were dumb dumb's all over the ground. Can you believe it? I took such great care and we were a few steps to the finish line and bam!
I was pretty calm. A couple cute kids came to help pick it up and I took the mangled mess into my classroom. Thank heavens my house is about 4 mins from my school. I left at recess and got another foam ball and put it back together. It was just so ironic that I took such great care for an hour and in the end it didn't make it. Oh well. It all was resolved and we got it delivered in one piece.

I didn't take pictures of DD#2's gifts. We were in such a hurry that I ran out of time. She has 3 teachers in preschool, so we did 3 for them. They all seemed to love them.
We really do appreciate their teacher's this year. I know how hard it is and I am grateful that they are willing to help my children grow and learn. It has been a great year!

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Tim and Deb Haveron said...

You have a beautiful family Crista. I miss you, but I love being able to keep up with you on you blog. I love blogging. It's so helpful.