Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Boy!

He is 2! This is classic cheese face. I love that my kids have unique faces they give when they are little. We love his little squished smile when you ask himt to show you his cheese!
My husband and I decided that we would have a party for our kids's birthdays every other year. We chose their odd birthdays, so that we could always have their big first birthday. Since it is the even birthday this year, we usually just have cake and ice cream. When I got pregnant with this cute little boy, I was very excited for the time of year he was expected. It was at the end of the school year and I knew I would always look forward to it. Well, I didn't realize how busy this time of year would be and we have a lot of other spring birthdays in our family.
We decided to have a very low key birthday with Grandma and Grandpa's. It was very fun. He is into trucks and tractors and abosolutely loved getting his big truck!

I didn't have time to make a cake, so we went and bought one. I let him decide which one he wanted and was sure he would pick a Cars themed cake. He didn't! He couldn't look at another picture of a cake after he saw the Thomas cake. I tried hard to get him to change his mind, but it didn't happen.
We had dinner and then cake and ice cream. He was in heaven. He didn't last long until he was outside with Grandma O. playing in the dirt with his new toys.
We love this little boy to bits. He is so loveable and cuddly. He is a "mama's boy" and a "daddy's boy!" He loves to be with both of us. He loves to play with his big sister's. They sure do love to have him dress up with him and paint his fingernails and toenails.
He is talking a lot. It reminds me of DD#1. He is talking in some complete sentences and loves the word "disgusting!"

We love this little boy. Happy Birthday little man!
His sisters got to be in on all the fun. Grandma O brought things for them. They loved it. She also took time to read his new "The Foot Book" with them. They sure do love her! I sure do love her too! Thanks mom!

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