Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out of the mouth of Babes!

My kids say the darndest things....don't all kids? I have wanted to keep a small notebook with all their sayings, but it is still a thought. A few things have been said in the last few weeks and I thought for journalling purposes, I would jot them down here. So bear with me as I document some things my kiddos have said recently.

DD#1 (6 in July)
A few months back we were getting ready to go to family dinner. DH was in the girls's room getting shoes on DD#2. He was wearing a green hawaiin shirt that my grandma had given him for his birthday. DD#1 walked into the room and said, "Whoa Dad! You look like a pinata!"
Last weekend we went to New York (pictures will be posted when I get them all sent to me). In Sacrament, the bread was made out of potato bread. It was yellow. As it was being passed, DD#1 said, "The bread is yellow. That is disgusting! I hope it is not poisonous!"

DD#2 (4 next month)

At this same meeting in New York, she was sitting on my lap. I whispered in her ear, "I love you so very, very much!" She whispered back to me "If you love me so very, very much, do I still have to go to school?"

Last night the girls got to have a sleep over at their aunt's and uncle's house. They were so excited. We had a family blessing to go to, so they got ready there for church. DH's sister was doing DD#2's hair. While doing it DD#2 said, "This looks very hard for you , maybe you should call my mom"

DS#1 (2 in less than a week)
He loves to point out big trucks and tractors as we drive. We have been driving a lot recently to get them to babysitters (thanks a ton for all the help). He says, "Mom, look" (pronounced wook) everytime we pass a big truck (diesel) or a tractor. I decided to count yesterday how many times he said mommy. From 7200 S. to my mom's house in Lehi, he said mommy 32 times! was so cute at first. I shouldn't complain, because I know I will miss the days when he doesn't want to talk to me.

I hope to record more fun and exciting things that my sweet kiddos say.

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cute idea and cute sayings from your kids