Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My brother, his wife, their son and daugher boarded a plane this morning at 7:30 am headed for Japan. Scott is a Marine and has been stationed in Japan for 3 years. We can't believe they will be gone for that long. We went out to Texas Roadhouse last night to say our goodbyes. Corban and Hannah love to play with each other. They are so cute together, and cute little Kennedy is so sweet and smiley. She is a mini Scott and we love to see her smile.

My brother re-enlisted a few months ago which took their cute little family from Camp Pendleton to Japan. My brother has made some great accomplishments in the Marine Corps. He recently was advanced to Staff Sargeant. Now, I am not a scholar in the Marines, but I guess it is almost impossible to obtain in the first 5 years. His recruitor told him that he couldn't get. He got it!!! What an accomplishment!! We are so proud of him. If he is accepted into Officers school, they will return a little earlier. I am sure he will obtain that also if he has set his mind for it.

When we said our goodbyes last night, it was like he was going on a mission all over again. He said that the difference this time is he got to chose his companion. Thank heavens for modern technology that allows us to see them and talk to them on the computer. Skype will keep us in contact. We also have a family website that will keep us up to date on them.

We love you guys and will miss you.



Daletta said...

Crista- I was so pleased to see you blogging. Your blog is adorable!! I love the count down you have for your baby. CONGRADULATIONS!!! I didn't know you were expecting till I saw it on your blog. That is great, you have the cutest kids! Thank you for what you wrote about the hard times you went through with Hannah when she was first born. It sounds almost exactly like what I went through with Emery. Everyone else made everything look so easy and the were so happy, so I thought there was just something wrong with me. It is good to know I was not alone. Anyway, I am excited to watch for your new up-dates. Keep up the good work!

jennie said...

Christa! I'm sorry to hear about your stress. ( I read your note on myfamily.com ) We are praying for you and James and hope that all will go well with the new jog. I'm sure it will. Everything always works out when you have kids :) Your page is darling, did I tell you that already? I love the floating fetus! :) SO FUN!!! We missed you this last weekend, Brett has a nasty cold too. I think he might die.

jennie said...

AK! I meant to spell joB...
Oh well, I'm sure he will jog well too.

Alan and Paula said...

Darling girls! Love you guys!

pixiestylist said...

hi. :) i just got your blog address from my mom. is scott still in japan? does/did he know anyone there from delta? chad winters' sister married a boy named robbie who died recently and was in japan when it happened. i wondered if you knew. i hope all is well scott, and YOU of course. i'm excited to read your blog. get mine from my mom. --becky