Monday, October 15, 2007


I was looking on our walls this afternoon stopped at this photo of my two girls. Now, most may wonder why in the world I would place this photo on my walls. The answer: it is their personalities to a T. I thought I would take the time to write a little about my two girls.

You are told that your kids will come with different personalities, but I didn't quite know what to expect. When we found out we were pregnant with D1 we were ecstatic, but still on the cautious side. It took us 2 1/2 yrs. the first pregnancy which ended in a loss, and then another 2 years to get beautiful Hannah. When my brother brought her around to let me look at her, it wasn't love at first site. This bothered me for some time, but soon it dissapeared and I was completely in love with her. I think the stress of the labor and the whole being a new mom kept me from just enjoying our sweet little one.

D1 hated life for the first 2 weeks. She screamed and screamed and screamed. I remember sitting out on our front porch and my dear husband coming out and asking if I was okay. I remember saying to him, "I can't do this". He just gave me a kiss and said it would be okay. At her 2 week mark, I remember saying to Hannah, "If you want anymore brothers or sisters, you better behave." I couldn't believe it, but she just stopped. No crying, nothing until we put her in her car seat. My mom can attest to that by getting a ticket because she was just trying to get home with a baby screaming uncontrollably.

D1 also had a really hard time nursing. I felt like a failure, but continued to feed her my milk with a bottle. The day she was blessed, I tried one last time to nurse her. It was truly amazing and she began to nurse. So, you see we had our hard times at first with D1. Now to her personality. She has always been a very happy, smiling, social child. She would go to anyone and everyone. She loved people. Everyone would always comment on how cute she was because she would smile and say something really cute to them.

D1 had trouble with her ears and throat. At 6 months old, she had to have tubes place in her ears. She had a raging ear infection for 4 months and after 5 antibiotics, nothing was helping. My mom came with me (James had to work) and I was so worried about her. I wasn't too worried about the surgery, but more about her having a panic attack when they took her back. The time came and she gladly went into the arms of the anesthesiologist. I was amazed. I remember my mom asking if I was going to cry. I didn't cry at all because of how well she did. Fast forward a year and a half later. We went in for a cold and we didn't see our regular pediatrician. She looked at her throat and said, "Have you seen these tonsils?" Both DH and I had large tonsils and had to get them out. We had noticed her tonsils and had questioned our ped about it. Hannah choked on EVERYTHING. I remember pulling off of Bangerter Highway on my way to work one day because she was choking on a fruit snack. It scared the life out of me. Anyway, the pediatrician started asking questions about her. Does she sleep through the night? NO Does she eat very much? NO Does she choke on her food? YES Does she stop breathing at night? Um, don't know the answer to that one but want to say NO. She continues on and looks at D1's chart. She has always been in the 5% for weight. She is tiny. This was a big factor. She recommended us to an ENT and the surgery was scheduled. I madeDH take off this day because it was a little more than just tubes. Once again, I worried about how she would react. While getting her ready, the nurse came in and took her vitals. She laughed and giggled and played with her. The nurse decided they weren't going to give her the medicine that makes the kids groggy because she was acting so well. Once again, we were sitting waiting for the anesthesiologist to come and get her and wondered about her reaction. This time they let us come through the doors and walk down the hall with her. We handed her off and she gave us a big smile and waved goodbye. She has always let the doctors and nurses look into her ears and listen to her heart quietly and contently. What a kid!!

D1 bounced back from the fire as well. We moved in with DH's parents and she loved every minute of it. She loved having Papa there with her.

D1 is now 3 and is giving us a run for our money. She is still very smiley and still says hello to everyone. My saying is, "whoever said terrible twos, obviously didn't have a 3 yr. old. She is still very sweet too. I haven't been feeling too well this last couple of weeks and she will come and hug and kiss me and say that she is sorry that I am sick. The other night when morning sickness got the worse of me, she came into the bathroom and asked if I was alright. She didn't come completely in, but stood outside and hoped that I was okay.

We love little D1 and know that she was meant to be in our family. We don't know what we would have done without her.

This has become a little longer than I thought. So I will leave D2's personality for another post. She just woke up from her nap and is wanting my attention. be continued.

PS: I wish that I had more baby pictures of D1, but we lost quite a few of them in the fire. They were on CD's, but they won't work. Sad times.


daherfamily said...

i remember the day you came to work and told us about hannah choking on that fruit snack. i still talk to my friends about that. i would have totally freaked out!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I love your blog! What a fun way to keep up with your life.

Becky said...

welcome to the blogging world - another addicting place on the web! How cute are all those pics!LOVE YOU!!