Sunday, October 17, 2010

UEA Weekend!

Ahhh...the wonderful UEA weekend where school is out Thursday and Friday. It was a nice break.
So...what did we do? We were cooped up in our house with the virus hand, foot and mouth. Not fun!
DS started running a fever and we had him into the pediatricians office on Thursday. They didn't know if it was strep or the virus. DD#2 started running a fever two days later and we had her in the InstaCare yesterday with the confirmation that it was the virus. I had the doctor look in DS's mouth to make sure and she said it was covered with ulcers all along the back of his throat. Poor baby! No wonder why he didn't want to eat anything.
We had a lot of popsicles, puddings and yogurts. We watched movies (thank heavens for netflix) and we snuggled on the couch. When the medicine would kick in the kids would go outside for a while. A positive of the time was getting pretty close to getting my scrapbooking caught up. I am only 3 months behind! Hooray!
Abotu 2 months ago, the girls were looking at their scrapbooks. DS came up to me with the saddest little face (the girls were not sharing) and asked, "Where is my book?" It broke my heart. I realized I was that far behind. I got on the computer and found out that I was 2 1/2 years behind. Ugghhhh...... 2 years! I started working on his pages and checked off months as I went along.
I was doing really well until I hit January of this year. Our Disneyland trip has 200+ photos in it. It stopped me from being motivated. So, this weekend I decided to go backwards and hit the present and move towards Disneyland.
While scrapping I thought it would help keep this blog more up to date if I would post my pages as I do them. It will also help keep me up to date on my scrapbooking. So here is the summer.
The weekend is coming to an end. The great thing is that Dad is home. He has been hunting. He left the night before DS started running his fever! Doesn't it always happen that way?
** I already posted about the last day of school and the kid's birthdays, so it looks like we will start at the first of July. June was so cold. I don't know or can't remember if we got out much in June. So here are some of the things that we did this past summer that I missed. Once I get the Disneyland pages done I will post those (as promised 8 months ago) :)

Our annual trip to my hometown for the 4th of July. Can't beat a small town celebration. We love it! We didn't make it for the jets and DH was sure disapointed. I will get ready on time next year. Whooops!

We road Trax to the Galivan Center for Radio Disney's water day. There were a million people there. The kids enjoyed being in the water and getting free squirt guns. I think the train ride to and from was the highlight, though.
We went to the float preview before the parade. It was so nice to go and have some fun. We got to go around to each float and see it up close. We were able to vote for our favorites as well. The kids got their faces painted and balloons made out for them. It was fun and the air conditioning made it even better!

The girls's preschool teacher went to Mill Hollow with me and we became good friends. She volunteers for the Days of 47 Rodeo and called us up to see if we wanted her free tickets. It was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time seeing the horses and the bulls. DS loved when the tracker came out and plowed the arena. He loves tractors.
We saw that a community theatre was putting on the production Cinderella, so we thought it would be great to have Mommy and Me Date and get the girls all dolled up. It was the day before DD#1's 6th bday so we had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to her.

First Day of Preschool
First Day of 1st Grade

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