Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Wow!! I can't believe that we are actually here. DD#1 started Kindergarten today. She was so excited to go and woke up in the greatest mood. I made it without crying, even though I did feel a few tears coming on. DD#2 said on the way to take her to school, "I'm going to miss DD#1". I had to hold back the tears then.
She is going to my school and has a great teacher. She is in the all day kindergarten class and I am a little anxious about it. I am excited to see how her first day went and how she handles all day. She did ask when school would be over and I said not until the afternoon. Hopefully she will handle it. She hasn't taken a nap for over a year and just this last week, she has started taking them again. Go figure. I konw they will have a rest time these first few months. Hopefully she will be able to handle it.
So here we go. I know that it will only go so fast from here on out. She did say on the way that she will be in High School soon. Thankfully, not so soon. But I am sure when it comes that time, I won't believe it.

Good luck sweet girl with your first day of school!


Jensen Family said...

Wow, I cannot believe that she is already old enough for kindergarten! How neat that she is at your school and you can be close by if you need to. That is always a comfort for me with having the kids at Craig's school.

daherfamily said...

she is adorable! i hope she is liking kingergarten! that is so fun that you teach at her school. i bet she loves that!