Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nathan's Announcement

My cute sister in law wants to get into photography and asked for volunteers. I think we were both shocked at how hard it is to photograph a newborn without the props that the stores have. She did a great job though. I have yet to get Nathan's pictures done. By now, DD#1 ands 2 two had been in for pictures at this point. It is true that the younger children get "jipped" when it comes to photos. We are taking all three kids in for their yearly pictures and DS's blessing pictures in the next month, so I am not doing too bad. Here is what we will send out to you. I hope I have your addresses. If not, send me an email and I will get one sent. It will also tell you all the info for his blessing. We are blessing him on July 20th. You are all welcome.

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Jocey said...

Oh my heck Crista. Thank you for commenting on my blog and letting me know you are out there. I was so excited to see your blog! Your kids are growing up and I'm so excited to see you have a new little boy! They are darling kids! Anyways, can I link your blog to mine? I would like to check in regularly.
Love to your family- Marie (My comments get posted under Jocey's name. I've got to figure that one out)