Friday, November 2, 2007

First Dr.'s Appointment

Yesterday I had my first dr.'s app. for this new baby. James just changed jobs, so I knew that we wouldn't be on his insurance for long. My OB with Emily would see you starting at 10 weeks, so I knew there was no use in going to see him. I also didn't want to pay to see him as we have still NOT met our deductible. I thought for sure after Emily's visit to the ER, we were covered. NOPE!! $2500 for a deductible is very hard to meet. So, with his new job change, we went back on my insurance through the school district.
What does that mean?? I had to find another OB. This will be the third for my third baby. I hate the first appointments when you don't know who you are seeing. I stressed long and hard about it. I called last Friday, because my Human Resource department said my insurance would be effective November 1st. The nurse on the other line panicked when I told her I would be 12 weeks by the time my insurance went into effect. She told me that this OB likes to see his patients at 8 weeks. I said I was sorry. She told me I had to come in on the 1st. I asked her for her latest appointment, so that, my sister, Stefanee could be up to watch my girls. The latest they had was 1:30 pm. So, I called Grandma D to help out. She is wonderful and agreed to get her last part of her shift covered to watch them.
So, my heart is racing as I enter the building. I knew that my blood pressure would be sky high by the time I got to see them. . When they finally did take my blood pressure it was low. Wow!! Anyway, I meet Dr. Lloyd and I LOVE him. He will be great. I can already tell that he will be better than my other two. I am so happy. He actually sat and listened to my concern. My biggest is about the anesthesia with the C-section. I told him if it happened like it did with Emily, I would rather just be put out. I don't know if I can handle not being able to breathe (even though I was) for another two hours. I have never prayed so hard as I did in those two hours. I was praying that I could breathe soon and that I could stay calm and not have to be knocked out. Dr. Lloyd understood my concern and explained that they would rather not put mom's under general anesthesia because it puts the baby under. They said if they have to they need to get the baby out quickly. He pointed out that this would be my 3rd C-section and it will take longer to get through the scar tissue and that they may not be able to get the baby out before the anesthesia effect them. I agreed and figured I would rather not be able to breathe than to put my baby at risk. He said we would talk with the anesthesiologist and see if we can start with a smaller dose and work our way up. Now, the thought of being able to feel the C-section makes me think I can do the no breathing thing for 2 hours as well. Can I win?
I also got to see our little one on the ultrasound. I was so relieved to see only ONE baby as well. I don't know why I panick about multiples, but it just seems like it would be so hard to have more than one little one to take care of.
It made it real to see the baby. I was very pleased with the visit and relieved that it was over. Now for the fun visits where you get to hear the heartbeat. Hopefully I will get to schedule my big ultrasound the next visit. I hope it is before Christmas so we can open our present Christmas morning.
People... this is really happening. I am going to have 3 children in six months. Wish us luck.


Becky said...

It is SO real and we are all excited!! I am glad things went well. We love you guys!

jennie said...

I'm glad you like the new doctor. Going to a new OB is so awkward, going to an OB at all is awkward. I'm so excited for you guys to have another baby- you two have such cute kids! So what is your due date? April/May?