Friday, February 17, 2012

My Valentine's Gift!

When DH asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day, I jokingly said that I wanted a 3D ultrasound of this baby. He said, "Okay"! and that was that. I was the one that had a hard time wanting to actually spend the money and do it. After being convinced by a few people that I should, we went ahead and did it.
I was excited to see her cute little face, make sure she still was a "she" and have the kids come and get to see her as well.
Now, let me tell you about what we know about this little girl already. She has been my calmest baby in the womb. Often times I will go throughout the day and that night wonder if I ever even felt her. She rolls and moves but rarely kicks. I am hoping that this means she is very calm and laid back. She is also a "stinker" as we all like to call her. Whenever she does kick or start to kick, I will always call someone over to feel her. The minute someone other than myself puts their hands on my belly, she stops and moves away! I thought it was a coincidence, but after having it happen so many times, it seems she is pretty stubborn. So we call her our "stinker". The kids get a kick out of calling her stinker as well.
So we head over and start the ultrasound. We see her spine and we see her heart. I ask if she can check the gender just one more time to give me piece of mind that she really is still a girl. So the tech heads down and says that her legs are indian style and really can't get a good look. She said she would go back and check after we got some good shots of her face. So she heads up to her head and sure enough, this little girl will not turn her face to get a good shot. The more the tech would poke and prod, the more she would just scrunch up her nose and turn more inward. She said, "Boy, you have a stubborn one!" DH and I just looked at each other and laughed.
After turning on both sides and waiting for over 30 minutes, we finally got some decent photos of her. We did confirm that she is still a little girl and after she showed us that shot, her legs and feet went immediately up to her face. I guess she was deteremined to cover her face.
I am glad that we did it. It was fantastic to she her face and see just how much she looks like my other two daughters. She is our last, so it was something fun to do.
Her mad face after the tech was poking and prodding to see if she would move.
Squishy face, not wanting to turn. Being stubborn.
Finally after 30 mins., she decided to turn just enough
to get a pretty good shot.
While the ultrasound was going on, I sure thought she looked just like DD#2. The tech said she had hair and DD#2 came out with dark hair. DD#1 did not have much and it was blonde. I wanted to get home and pull out newborn pictures of our daughters and compare. Sure enough, she looked like DD#2. But then I pulled out a picture of DD#1 and couldn't believe how much she looked like her. So I made a comparison to put them all together. I am still leaning towards her looking more like my 2nd than my 1st, but she probably will look like both. Who do you think she looks like?

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Dallas said...

That is pretty amazing. She totally looks like she belongs in your family for sure. It will be fun to see if she comes out with all that hair. So cute!