Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Spirits!

I can't let this story not go without writing it down to remember for a long time. My kids were outside playing and I was in my room reading. My window was open so I could hear them. Something happened and I heard DD#1 yell, "Don't you tell on me!" Well....this is a common quote said between my kids. I guess if they say that, then the other won't come and tell. DS#1 then yells, "DD#2 don't you tell!" At this point I thought I should get up and see what was going on. As I watched quietly out my window, I saw something that made my heart so very happy. It made me feel so great to be a mom to such special spirits. DD#2 who was on her way to tell, stopped and asked DD#1 to come and give her a hug. DD#1 came up and DD#2 grabbed her and hugged and hugged her. DD#1 then reluctanctly wrapped her arms around her sister. They were talking to one another (I wish I would have heard what they were saying). Then DD#2 grabbed DD#1's face and brushed the hair out of her eyes and said something to her. (Again, I wish I could have heard it). Then they grabbed each others hand and yelled, "All for One, One for All" and threw their hands up in the air!
DH had found his way to watch as well. It was amazing and made a mom's heart proud. They really love one another. Is there anything more wonderful?

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Cara and Mike said...

That is SO SO sweet Crista! You do have very special children!