Monday, July 20, 2009

I am One!!

Okay, so I know that he is 14 almost 15 months old, but the summer has been a crazy one. I thought I should get on the ball and get his pictures done. My sweet sister in law met me at the park after work and she took these awesome photos. He was having a hard time smiling, but once we put him in the swing, he was all smiles. I wanted her to capture two things.... his 4 teeth and his eyelashes. She got them both. They are wonderful. Now to figure which ones to put up on the wall and which ones to scrapbook. She did take over 300 photos of him. :)
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Jocey said...

Cute little boy!! In fact, they are all so cute!! Sorry to have missed you at the reunion, I would have really loved to see your family! Hope all is well!
Love ya!