Sunday, April 5, 2009


I asked the girls what they wanted for Easter a few weeks ago and was shocked to hear the answer. Both of them excitedly wanted earrings. So, after much talk about it, we decided to take the girls to the mall and get their ears pierced, so that the Easter Bunny can bring them earrings.
DD#1 had here ears pierced before. When she had her tonsils out, we had to take her studs out and DH lost them. We put other earrings in after the surgery, but her ears got really infected. We let them grow back in and had to get them done again. They both did good. DD#2 went first and had a great time holding onto the bear and having the girls draw dots on her ears. You should have seen the look on her face after it was all over and she realized that it really did hurt. She cried for about 5 minutes (she holds onto things longer than DD#1). DD#1 went next and jumped right up into the seat and was extremely excited. We had warned her, but it happened and she was in tears. She only cried for about 2 minutes. They are in love with them today and are doing really well not bothering them. We think they look great.

A BIG shout out to my mom. It is her birthday today. I love her so much and I am so grateful that I can call her MOM. Happy Birthday MOM!!


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Yeah, the minute my girls were born, their dad wanted pierced ears. I said "no way" I already had a belly button to tend, at least at first. It took me until the third daughter was around one to get up the courage. I got hers done first, she cried all the way to the door, then the second one, age 3, the next day. She gasped and felt both ears. No crying. The oldest daughter, 5 years old, cried all the way home, 4 miles. But you know what a tender heart she is. . .
so much fun

Kristen Weller said...

Wow- what courage! I was a chicken when I got mine pierced- and I was 12! They are such cuties.