Friday, December 21, 2007

It's A....

Healthy Baby!!! We were so happy and relieved to know that everything looked great and right on with the baby.
I was a good girl and turned my head away when she went to find the gender. I didn't even peak. The present is wrapped and under the tree. Just waiting for Christmas. The ultrasound tech did a great job by wrapping it TWICE with packing tape. We will have to have scissors or a knife to get into that present.
The baby measured 19 weeks 5 days which puts the due date at May 11th. I was a little shocked. My dr has my due date as May 15th, but I have always calculated it as May 13th. So somewhere in between all those dates is the real date. I will be scheduled for a C-section a week before. I am hoping to at least make it to May 3rd. CRT's are the week before that and I would sure like to get the testing done before a sub comes in. Both of my girls were two weeks early. That puts me at the end of April. DH thinks I will have this little one on his birthday. We shall see.


Kris Tina said...

YAH! I am so happy to have communication back on with you! Congrats on the healthy baby #3!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

OHmyGosh! This is K8's due date. She is scheduled for the 5th to have her Csection and she told me I could be there! I am so excited!
congrats. I can't wait to hear. K8's is a girl!!!!!
love you